About The Little Mahoning Creek Pottery Studio

Nancy Smeltzer, owner and artist of The Little Mahoning Creek Pottery Studio, is so excited to bring her work to you online! The Little Mahoning Creek Pottery Studio sits behind her gallery in the popular village of Smicksburg. Nancy is constantly improving her house, studio, gallery and kilns. The studio is functionally rustic and is full of ideas, bird figures, reminders of nature and wonderful pottery. Take a look around and should you have any questions, please reach out!

About Nancy:

Nancy became a birdwatcher on her many trips to Chincoteague Island. Her work is thrown, altered and decorated with birds and the natural world. She continues to be fascinated with the way the wood, fire, ash and soda lend their finishing touches to embellish her work. She likes to invision her work on the table or in hand to celebrate the everyday ritual of eating and drinking. Get to know Little Mahoning Creek Pottery even better by visiting Nancy's Instagram and Facebook pages using the links below.

Nancy's Workspace